iOS 8.3 räumt auf

Kurz nach­dem Apple mit iOS 8.2 um die Ecke gekom­men ist, klopft auch schon iOS 8.3 an – ohne Zwi­schen­schrit­te und aus gutem Grund. Apple räumt näm­lich mit vie­len klei­ne­ren und grö­ße­ren Feh­lern in sei­nem mobi­len Betriebs­sys­tem auf und sorgt unter dem Strich dafür, das iOS 8 sich erst­mals „fer­tig“ anfühlt – end­lich!

Bugfixing auf die Spitze getrieben

Sel­ten, wirk­lich sel­ten, habe ich von Apple bei einem Soft­ware­up­date so umfang­rei­che Chan­ge­logs gese­hen. Bei den iOS-Ent­wick­ler­teams hat man in Cup­er­ti­no wohl erkannt, dass eini­ge Bau­stel­len im Sys­tem wei­te­rer inten­si­ver Pfle­ge bedurf­ten, um iOS 8 end­lich zufrie­den­stel­lend fer­tig zu bekom­men. Dasd erklärt wohl auch die ver­hält­nis­mä­ßig lan­ge Beta­pha­se, die bereit seit Febru­ar andau­er­te. Neben den bereits in OS X 10.10.3 hin­zu­ge­füg­ten neu­en Emo­ji-Sym­bo­len, die nun auch in iOS Ein­zig hal­ten, hat man auf nahe­zu allen Ebe­nen des Sys­tem geschraubt:

Improved performance for
  • App launch
  • App respon­si­veness
  • Messa­ges
  • Wi-Fi
  • Con­trol Cen­ter
  • Safa­ri tabs
  • 3rd-par­ty key­boards
  • Key­board short­cuts
  • Sim­pli­fied Chi­ne­se key­board
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fixes
  • Fixes an issue whe­re you could be con­ti­nuous­ly promp­ted for log­in creden­ti­als
  • Addres­ses an issue whe­re some devices dis­con­nect inter­mitt­ent­ly from Wi-Fi net­works
  • Fixes an issue whe­re hands-free pho­ne calls could beco­me dis­con­nec­ted
  • Fixes an issue whe­re audio play­back could stop working with some blue­tooth speakers
  • Ori­en­ta­ti­on and rota­ti­on fixes
  • Addres­ses an issue that some­ti­mes pre­ven­ted rota­ting back to por­trait after having rota­ted to land­s­cape
  • Impro­ves per­for­mance and sta­bi­li­ty issu­es that occur­red when rota­ting the device bet­ween por­trait and land­s­cape
  • Fixes an issue whe­re device ori­en­ta­ti­on appeared upsi­de down after pul­ling the iPho­ne 6 Plus from your pocket
  • Resol­ves an issue that some­ti­mes pre­ven­ted apps from rota­ting to cor­rect ori­en­ta­ti­on after swit­ching apps in mul­ti­tas­king
Messages fixes
  • Address issu­es that cau­sed group messa­ges to some­ti­mes split
  • Fixes an issue that some­ti­mes remo­ved the abi­li­ty to for­ward or dele­te indi­vi­du­al messa­ges
  • Resol­ves an issue that some­ti­mes pre­ven­ted a pre­view from appearing when taking a pho­to in Messa­ges
  • Adds the abi­li­ty to report junk messa­ges direct­ly from the Messa­ges app
  • Adds the abi­li­ty to fil­ter out iMessa­ges that are not sent by your con­tacts
Family Sharing fixes
  • Fixes a bug whe­re cer­tain apps would not launch or update on fami­ly mem­bers’ devices
  • Fixes a bug that pre­ven­ted fami­ly mem­bers from down­loa­ding cer­tain free apps
  • Increa­sed relia­bi­li­ty for Ask to Buy noti­fi­ca­ti­ons
CarPlay fixes
  • Fixes an issue whe­re Maps could come up as a black screen
  • Fixes an issue whe­re the UI could be incor­rect­ly rota­ted
  • Fixes an issue whe­re the key­board could appe­ar on the Car­Play screen when it shouldn’t
Enterprise fixes
  • Impro­ves relia­bi­li­ty of instal­ling and updating enter­pri­se apps
  • Cor­rects the time zone of Calen­dar events crea­ted in IBM Notes
  • Fixes a pro­blem that could cau­se web clip icons to beco­me gene­ric after rest­ar­ting
  • Impro­ves relia­bi­li­ty of saving the pass­word for a web pro­xy
  • Exchan­ge out-of-office messa­ge can now be edi­ted sepa­r­a­te­ly for exter­nal replies
  • Impro­ves reco­very of Exchan­ge accounts from tem­pora­ry con­nec­tion pro­blems
  • Impro­ves com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty of VPN and web pro­xy solu­ti­ons
  • Allows use of phy­si­cal key­boards to log into Safa­ri web she­ets, such as for joi­ning a public Wi-FI net­work
  • Fixes an issue that cau­sed Exchan­ge mee­tings with long notes to be trun­ca­ted
Accessibility fixes
  • Fixes an issue whe­re using the back but­ton in Safa­ri cau­ses VoiceOver ges­tu­res to not respond
  • Fixes an issue whe­re VoiceOver focus beco­mes unre­lia­ble in draft Mail messa­ges
  • Fixes an issue whe­re Braille Screen Input can­not be used to type text in forms on web­pages
  • Fixes an issue whe­re toggling Quick Nav on a Braille Dis­play announ­ces that Quick Nav is off
  • Fixes issue kee­ping app icons from being move­ab­le on home screen when VoiceOver is enab­led
  • Fixes an issue in Speak Screen whe­re speech will not start again after pausing
Other improvements and bug fixes
  • Intro­du­ces a rede­si­gned Emo­ji key­board with over 300 new cha­rac­ters
  • iCloud Pho­to Libra­ry has been opti­mi­zed to work with the new Pho­tos app on OS X 10.10.3 and is now out of beta
  • Impro­ves the pro­nun­cia­ti­on of street names during turn-by-turn navi­ga­ti­on in Maps
  • Inclu­des sup­port for Baum VarioUl­tra 20 and VarioUl­tra 40 braille dis­plays
  • Impro­ves the dis­play of Spot­light results when Redu­ce Trans­pa­r­en­cy is tur­ned on
  • Adds Ita­lic and Under­line for­mat opti­ons for iPho­ne 6 Plus land­s­cape key­board
  • Adds the abi­li­ty to remo­ve ship­ping and bil­ling addres­ses used with Apple Pay
  • Addi­tio­nal lan­guage and coun­try sup­port for Siri: English (India, New Zea­land), Danish (Den­mark), Dutch (Nether­lands), Por­tu­gue­se (Bra­zil), Rus­si­an (Rus­sia), Swe­dish (Swe­den), Thai (Thai­land), Tur­kish (Tur­key)
  • Addi­tio­nal dic­ta­ti­on lan­guages: Ara­bic (Sau­di Ara­bia, United Arab Emi­ra­tes) and Hebrew (Isra­el)
  • Impro­ves sta­bi­li­ty for Pho­ne, Mail, Blue­tooth con­nec­tivi­ty, Pho­tos, Safa­ri tabs, Set­tings, Wea­ther and Geni­us Play­lists in Music
  • Address an issue whe­re Sli­de to Unlock could fail to work on cer­tain devices
  • Addres­ses an issue that some­ti­mes pre­ven­ted swi­ping to ans­wer a pho­ne call on the Lock screen
  • Addres­ses an issue that pre­ven­ted ope­ning links in Safa­ri PDFs
  • Fixes an issue whe­re selec­ting Clear Histo­ry and Web­site Data in Safa­ri Set­tings did not clear all data
  • Fixes an issue that pre­ven­ted auto­cor­rec­ting „FYI
  • Addres­ses an issue whe­re con­tex­tu­al pre­dic­tions did not appe­ar in Quick Reply
  • Fixes an issue whe­re Maps did not enter night mode from hybrid mode
  • Resol­ves an issue that pre­ven­ted initia­ting Face­Time calls from a brow­ser or 3rd-par­ty app using Face­Time URLs
  • Fixes an issue that some­ti­mes pre­ven­ted pho­tos from pro­per­ly exporting to Digi­tal Came­ra Image fol­ders on Win­dows
  • Fixes an issue that some­ti­mes pre­ven­ted an iPad back­up from com­ple­ting with iTu­nes
  • Fixes an issue that could cau­se Pod­cast down­loads to stall when swit­ching from Wi-Fi to cel­lu­lar net­works
  • Fixes an issue whe­re remai­ning time on timer would some­ti­mes incor­rect­ly dis­play as 00:00 on Lock screen
  • Fixes an issue that some­ti­mes pre­ven­ted adjus­ting call volu­me
  • Fixes an issu­es that cau­sed the sta­tus bar to some­ti­mes appe­ar when it shouldn’t


Nicht nur ange­sichts der Viel­zahl an Feh­ler­be­he­bun­gen und Leis­tungs­ver­bes­se­run­gen, son­dern auch ein­ge­denk des bis­lang über­wie­gend posi­ti­ven Feed­backs (eini­ge Nut­zer bekla­gen ein Pro­blem mit Tou­chID und dem App-Store), kann ich eine Instal­la­ti­ons-Emp­feh­lung aus­spre­chen. Zudem ste­cken in iOS 8.3 auch diver­se Sicher­heits­up­dates, die dem geneig­ten User die Instal­la­ti­ons­ent­schei­dung erleich­tern dürf­ten. Der Down­load wiegt je nach iOS-Gerät bis zu 1,3 GB und steht für iPho­nes ab dem Modell 4s, iPad s (ab dem iPad 2) und iPod touch (ab dem Modell 5G) über die Soft­ware­ak­tua­li­sie­rung bereit.

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