Interessanter Artikel via OSX Daily: How to Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists on iPhone and iPad Easily

Have you ever found yours­elf recei­ving emails from a mai­ling list you never sub­scri­bed to? Vir­tual­ly ever­yo­ne with an email address has expe­ri­en­ced this, usual­ly from soli­ci­tors, junk mai­lers, and com­pa­nies of things you may have once inter­ac­ted with. While you can usual­ly go to the bot­tom of an email and poke around for a micro-font “Unsub­scri­be” link, ano­t­her fas­ter opti­on is avail­ab­le to users of the latest ver­si­ons of iOS.

Quel­le: How to Unsub­scri­be from Mai­ling Lists on iPho­ne and iPad Easi­ly

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